It’s a sign. That I should smile more now than ever – law of attraction

[Mind Blank]

Bonjour étranger I’m not sure how often does a person doubt him/herself. Or even people who are in their right mind would doubt themselves. But I sure as hell am doubting myself terribly… Continue reading

11 ways to be unremarkably average

Are we all becoming one OF the millions? Yours Truly Courtesy of

Saying Goodbyes

I’m not a Facebook addict – I swear. It’s a boring Sunday and Facebook was one of the means to pass time. I saw photos of a simple gathering to bid farewell to… Continue reading

Words for the day

In short, it’s asking us to be a bigger bitch than life and prove them wrong.

Brisbane Riverfire 2013

Bagged a good spot just opposite crowded SouthBank. Sunset always make the world a much prettier place. Looking like flies from afar. Very mischievous pilots we have for the evening – they hover… Continue reading

Someday, one day may never come