What’s the occasion?

Do we really need an occasion for a celebration? Must we have justification to go out party silly? Are we only allow to make merry for specific festivities? Can we not throw feasts,… Continue reading

I’m sorry I’m plain

Bonjour étranger I am not an interesting person. In fact, I’m so dull I spend 7 days working 2 jobs. And whenever I have free time, I try to – work on side projects,… Continue reading

Random thought of the day

When you turned away so quickly, thinking “I’m so out of the league”; you are missing out on opportunities. Take a chance. You never know what the future holds for you. After all,… Continue reading

Still In Love With You

No. Despite the title, this ain’t for that “somebody that I used to know”. This is for mom and dad, Tracy and Peter, and all the people who are thousands miles away but… Continue reading

Fly me to the moon, the stars, the sun, and if possible, another galaxy

Between a malfunctioned iPhone and a month trip to Asia, I chose the latter. And I am happily poor now – and this is not even close to finalising the itineraries – knowing that… Continue reading

Thank You

Thank you for this much needed trip. This week, I’ve been reflecting as much as the pieces of a friend’s broken heart. Looking at her now was like looking at myself in a… Continue reading

Random thought of the day

The awkward moment when I didn’t know how to post a local mail and had to ask a random stranger next to me. Sudden realisation. The world is getting so advance each day,… Continue reading

Random thought of the day

I am literally living by the famous song title – wake me up when September ends. No one does it better than me. Because Alice has been waking me up early since the… Continue reading

Blonde reads too

I read. But I’m quite bad with Authors and never really had a particular favourite author that I MUST READ ALL HIS/HER BOOKS. I go for the story plot and sometimes, the book… Continue reading