Simply irresistible

Can one exceed perfection? Yes – My more-than-decade-long crush. Intelligent. Talented. Sweet. Creative. Kind hearted. Smart. Resourceful. Adventurous. Driven. Strong-willed. Nice guy. Warm. Approachable. Family oriented. Sensible. A genius who gets all his… Continue reading

Girl on fire

Not. She always find it amusing when people tell her that she is full of confidence. That she is always so driven. Little do they know, that this isn’t confidence. This, my friend,… Continue reading

The Time Traveller

…it just has to be. Being the dorky yet adventurous girl at heart, nothing sounds more interesting that travelling through time.   Bonjour étranger Would you come away with me? Walk all the… Continue reading


Prompted by <Daily Prompt: Perspective>

Wicked Witch

Hansel and Gretel. Snow White. Rapunzel. Sleeping Beauty. Those came into my mind when one mentions witch to me – especially Hansel and Gretel (due to some hilarious association at work). Brother Grimm folklores… Continue reading

Congratulations! You’re 1 of the top 5

…in my Bad Books. To say I’m angry is an understatement. Simply because anger wouldn’t help with anything.. Wrath, on the other hand, creates havocs.  My previous post about being nice and thinking… Continue reading

More than just two sides

Bonjour étranger As if my week has not been terrible enough, I had to come across a posting that somehow, stupidly add another item to my list of troubles. Basically, the post describe… Continue reading

The world underneath the desk

Most of my friends think I’m crazy. I’m not sure if it’s good crazy or bad crazy. But they would usually associate every, if not most, possible subjects to my craziness. I.e. small… Continue reading

Rainy Days

Rainy days bring out the gloomiest self; or is it the gloom calls upon the rain? Sometimes, it gets exhausting Just waiting for something – someone – to happen. Regardless, we wear the prettiest… Continue reading


She stands at the very top, And watches the city lights dance as the world goes by The skyscrapers stand, soaring Of pride and ego, as nature laughs at its innocence She walks… Continue reading