Cairns. And everything around it.

There are times when you need to go away from your lethal routine. There are times when you have to get out of the comfort zone. There are times when you know the… Continue reading


The idea of it as my second home is becoming on me. I suppose the thrill kicks in the same way. The old men trip has been easy and hilarious. No need for… Continue reading

Sir, could’ya spare me a penny of merry?

Bonjour étranger I had a dream. Rather, montage of dreams. There were fireworks brightening up the night, up close. And then there’s everybody – familiar and unfamiliar faces – and I was in… Continue reading


It’s daddy’s birthday. It’s a reunion dinners and gatherings week. It’s Chinese New Year come Friday. I’ve missed so many birthdays, so many celebrations, so many festive seasons, so many moments, so many… Continue reading


Aidan parties a lot. And when he parties, Aidan drinks and smokes a lot too. He doesn’t know if he likes loud banging crowd in an enclosed, stuffy and pitch dark space, the… Continue reading

Cambodia Experience: Innocence

Day 3 – Day 6 The trip made me vulnerable, it spat the cold, hard truth on my face. As I immersed – although not completely – into the program and the local daily… Continue reading

Cambodia Experience: The Killings

Day 2 – 8th December Woke up at 6:43am and waited for the alarm to go off at 6:45am before I officially gets up. Kimlay, our coordinator, gathered us at 8:30am to start… Continue reading

Out of their reach

Whilst our children are asking for the latest PS4 and games, iPhones and iPads, a vacation, a ticket to Bieber’s / One Direction’s concert and so on… She is surviving with neglected education… Continue reading

Cambodia Experience : The Arrival

Day 1 – 7th Dec 2013 The starts of my first ever AirAsia flight + first experience touring alone = nerve wrecking. No thanks to the airline. AirAsia shoved me a complimentary stress… Continue reading

Fear Factor

Bonjour étranger Atelophobia. Autophobia. Hydrophobia. Katsaridaphobia. Lockiophobia. Obesophobia. Pedophobia. Trypanophobia. Throw her whatever phobias you could think of, and she would eventually handle them well. It’s the path she’s walking that she fears.… Continue reading