Auckland to Hot Water Beach, Coromandel

Day 1: 24 May 2014 Status: Drifting. Amazed. Awkward. Mind playing: The Cup Song I’ve travelled alone before – volunteering in Cambodia – and both trip felt different. I guess Cambodia was easier… Continue reading

Just the beginning.

Day 1: 24 May 2014 Status: Excited yet exhausted turned slightly negative start   3:00am After a 3-hour delay from the world’s happiest flight, I got to the custom counter and was dying to… Continue reading

Chambord Lemonade. I’ll Miss You.

Bonjour étranger Life is tough, so said an annoyingly loveable smarty pant. It is so tough that it must take a nasty down turn when you think life is peachy and you could have… Continue reading

404 RORRE | error 404

This is written – In between 16th and 17th of May, 2014 In between high and low In between laughter and tears In between free falling and grounded In between overwhelmed and thirst… Continue reading

The last stage

There are stages. And I think I am at that stage – where I have been pushed beyond bended knees; where the heart has dropped to the lowest point that it couldn’t fall… Continue reading

Because otherwise, it is too self-centred.

Spending five years away from home, it has been alone but free. Five years isn’t a long journey, but long enough to shape a person, a concept, a view, an inception, or even… Continue reading


我 不準自己哭 不准自己發脾氣 不准自己對外洩露太多 不准自己對其他人事物有所期待   我對自己說 長大了要堅強 跌倒了爬起來自己呼呼 眼淚流乾了,血止了 -就要繼續往前走 那,一開始,為何要哭?   久了,哭泣變成一件很難的事 原來,想哭卻哭不出的感覺 -很糟糕   “月半月圓尤存月 本來無暗復何明。 一片寒光耀古今 三千世界總輝騰。”   一句話,點醒了自己;但也只是一霎那 畢竟人啊, 私慾太重,虛榮心太強,夢想與自我中心太強。 那個無謂的自尊心繼續鑽著牛角尖。   沒有退路,只得往前走

Loud silence.

Came home, and it was dark and quiet. That familiar aroma of Asian cooking, now gone. The silhouettes that sat on the couch with playing Candy Crush and the other busy minding the… Continue reading

Bye, for now.

It was midweek – the toughest day to pass through in a week. While everyone else back home worked through the week, I was happily soaking in the limited sunshine, abundance salty breeze… Continue reading

One off the bucket list: The Great Barrier Reef

“Fudge.” I cringed as the tiny raindrops hit my cheeks and weirdly, nose tip. Today is a long awaited trip. It has been sitting somewhere along my long list-of-things-to-do-before-I-die-at-age-50. Scuba dive. I had been… Continue reading