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Cambodia Experience: Innocence

Day 3 – Day 6 The trip made me vulnerable, it spat the cold, hard truth on my face.¬†As I immersed – although not completely – into the program and the local daily… Continue reading

Cambodia Experience: The Killings

Day 2 – 8th December Woke up at 6:43am and waited for the alarm to go off at 6:45am before I officially gets up. Kimlay, our coordinator, gathered us at 8:30am to start… Continue reading

Out of their reach

Whilst our children are asking for the latest PS4 and games, iPhones and iPads, a vacation, a ticket to Bieber’s / One Direction’s concert and so on… She is surviving with neglected education… Continue reading

Cambodia Experience : The Arrival

Day 1 – 7th Dec 2013 The starts of my first ever AirAsia flight + first experience touring alone = nerve wrecking. No thanks to the airline. AirAsia shoved me a complimentary stress… Continue reading