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As I sat at my work desk…

I think I’m terminally ill. It’s called wanderlust. Symptoms include – Constant feeling of Déjà vu Randomly associating faces with places Taste of bittersweet crashes in when looking at photos of past adventures Work no… Continue reading

Day 2 in Taupo: Rest In Pieces

Pre Advice: If you have time and the weather is fantastic, please please please go for the Tongariro Alpine Crossing tour. It takes up the whole day and may cost slightly more in winter… Continue reading

Off Ma Bucket List: Skydive

Day 4: 27 May 2014 Status: …. Restless on a finally beautiful day.   I was slowly losing track of time, date and day. All I did was keeping track of the destination… Continue reading

Greetings from an Asian hobbit

Day 3: 26 May 2014 Status: I am going on an adventure!! – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, 2012  8:30am Yet another interesting start in the morning. The bus was due to depart… Continue reading

Fancy maggots with glowing faeces

Day 2: 25 May 2014 Weather: Shit. Status: Still excited and adventurous – Indiana Jones adventurous. Route: Coromandel to Waitomo   7:30am  Late night, early morning – always an annoyance. Interesting start though… Continue reading

Auckland to Hot Water Beach, Coromandel

Day 1: 24 May 2014 Status: Drifting. Amazed. Awkward. Mind playing: The Cup Song I’ve travelled alone before – volunteering in Cambodia – and both trip felt different. I guess Cambodia was easier… Continue reading

Just the beginning.

Day 1: 24 May 2014 Status: Excited yet exhausted turned slightly negative start   3:00am After a 3-hour delay from the world’s happiest flight, I got to the custom counter and was dying to… Continue reading

Chambord Lemonade. I’ll Miss You.

Bonjour étranger Life is tough, so said an annoyingly loveable smarty pant. It is so tough that it must take a nasty down turn when you think life is peachy and you could have… Continue reading

Bye, for now.

It was midweek – the toughest day to pass through in a week. While everyone else back home worked through the week, I was happily soaking in the limited sunshine, abundance salty breeze… Continue reading

One off the bucket list: The Great Barrier Reef

“Fudge.” I cringed as the tiny raindrops hit my cheeks and weirdly, nose tip. Today is a long awaited trip. It has been sitting somewhere along my long list-of-things-to-do-before-I-die-at-age-50. Scuba dive. I had been… Continue reading