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Flat Line

The weatherman is terribly wrong; it is thunderstorm outside. The foggy glass window is the only thing separating the chaos on the streets and the stillness in where she sits. The black coffee… Continue reading


She saw the little girl in red, smiling and running into his arms. He picked her up so swiftly, and twirled her around briefly. To the little girl, he’s her clown. She cringed at… Continue reading

Dear 15-Year Old

Dear 15-year old Deborah, Forget about schools and tuitions and friends – they didn’t last. They remain as Facebook faces, but that’s about it.  Forget about grades – you will never be good… Continue reading

22.09.2015 : My Day Went Like This Today …

…..hello. I am making baby steps in stepping out of my cocoon; I am going out, making friends and seeing new faces. I went to a Social Swing session today at Sid’s, an… Continue reading

19.08.2015 : My Day Went Like This Today …

Heya, I passed a test!!! Without knowing it was a test for me. I toughen up my imaginary balls, thicken my skin, and prepared to face the wrath but resolved the issue. No… Continue reading

10.08.2015 : My Day Went Like This Today…

Hey there, I would asked how are you and how’s your day; but I’m so furious and embarrassed that I want tell you my day first. My day (rather, night) went like this today….. FUCKED… Continue reading

08.08.2015 : My Day Went Like This Today…

Hey you, It has been one long week. No, I’m not counting the days that you’ve been gone. Today, I attended an interview (early on a Saturday morning) for a weekend job. I… Continue reading