Title #1

I stay wide awake hoping that the next day won’t come

I can’t fall asleep with the noises in my head, drowning

I don’t want to wake up cuz it is just another day

I forget to breathe cuz every breath hurts

I forget to blink while staring at the clock wondering when and where it all ends


Talk to someone, they say

yet no one listens

Be grateful and positive, they say

still, no one listens

I want to talk but I can’t find the right words to tell a story

A story you and he and she and they would accept


So life goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on

for we aren’t a self-centered bunch of weaklings

So we move on and get up and dress up and go to work and meet people and have meals and lie wide awake in bed and get up

until one day we give up and we succumb