She saw the little girl in red, smiling and running into his arms. He picked her up so swiftly, and twirled her around briefly.

To the little girl, he’s her clown.

She cringed at the annoyingly high pitch giggles.

“Grow up,” she whispered underneath her breath as she continued walking under the rain.

He put the little girl down as she walked past the duo. He held her left hand tightly as they walked side by side – he walked, she skipped on the inner side of the pedestrian path.

To the little girl, he’s her shadow.

To the little girl, he’s her knight in shining armour.

To the little girl, he’s everything her tiny world has; everything her tiny world needs. He carries anything else that is too big for her world.

To the little girl, he kills the monsters and chases away the demons. She doesn’t need angels; she only needs him.

She squinted slightly against the droplets. Ain’t she lucky it was raining.

She sighed and pretended it was the sea breeze.

“It does feel like a dream. A fantasy with empty promises.” …in the middle of nowhere. In the middle of nothingness.

This was supposed to be the cruise of a lifetime. But it reminded her of the lifetime that has faded centuries ago.