…Since we last spoke.

Hey Deborah,

It’s been awhile since we last spoke. 

I see that you’re picking up the pieces and patching them back. Again. I see that work is working for you – you devoted 80% of your time to work (or worrying about work). I see you get angry at yourself when the work goes unappreciated. I see you get annoyed for missing all the gym sessions because of work.

I’d ask how’s life…but I know you haven’t been living.

Do you remember what it’s like to live? To actually look forward for every tomorrow.

What happened to the girl who gets high on life so easily?

What happened to never growing up?

It’s been too long since we last spoke.

I wanted to ask “are you ok?”…but I wouldn’t be able to help if you had said “no, I’m not”. Because we are emotionally dysfunctional and I don’t know how to say things that make your inside goes warm and fuzzy.

All the “I Love You”s mean so little now. We doubt all the “I Miss You”s too. We become so skeptical that every good deed has a hidden agenda.

The world ain’t fun anymore when we are so cynical.

It’s been many full moons since we last spoke.

I know you’re trying to be positive. Because you want to believe the the positivity will lift you up. That Norwegian-Thai guy…he must’ve forgotten to tell you that being positive drains all the energy. Of a pessimist.

I know you feel pretentious when you tried to be positive. Who can blame you? The world isn’t exactly made of rainbows, unicorns, cotton candy, and gummy bears.

But…the trending topics are no other than your typical #staypositive , #bepositive , and #allthingspositive .

So yea, keep faking the positivity. Like how some people fake their orgasm.

O’ Deborah,

Let’s just runaway. I heard Iceland is incredible. And no one knows our faces and names. Let’s go to Iceland.