Yea, nothing is coming through except ‘fuck’. No mate, not even the good kind of ‘fuck’…it’s just ‘Dear god I’m fucked’.

The emotion paralysis is real. It’s worse than just being emotionless. It’s all the locked away feelings come crashing in like Tsunami waves.

How did we arrive to such state?

Age….. Maybe.

Fuck it. I’d fixed it if I knew the answer to it.

It started off as a self-defence mechanism. Then it became lethal.

It started off as a route to escape from your daily stresses. Then it became your go-to.

But what is ‘it’?

No fucking idea.



Sunken cheeks. Dark circled, eye bags. Ghostly. And a wild, out-of-the-world grin.

She takes in the last bit. She walks to the parlour.

He watches her as she pulls off her top, and lay there so still.

She shuts her eyes with a sigh of relief, barely noticeable, as the needle pricks in.

…The pain tells her that she is made of human flesh and blood; and nerves.

Fuck it.