22.09.2015 : My Day Went Like This Today …


I am making baby steps in stepping out of my cocoon; I am going out, making friends and seeing new faces.

I went to a Social Swing session today at Sid’s, an Irish pub. T’was fun and made skipping gym worthwhile. I wore the wrong pair of shoes. AGAIN. It has been a “blistered feet” week since yesterday – I forgot my socks at the gym, and ran for half an hour on the treadmill. *stupid move*

You were not here to piggyback me. Again.

Anyway, remember this??


We went to the Chicken Wings place after the session. The wings are still crispy, succulent and amazeballs; and they do pretty wicked grilled stingray too!! that you aren’t interested.

Remember that crazy night we went out with a complete random stranger? Remember that awkward night where we had to abandon the wings and hid in my room, watching movies? And the other weekends and parties and silly (and reckless, though mostly me) things?

O’ dear.

Today, I also cleaned up my act at work and “talk” to the new guy (something which I thought I will never be capable of). They say that “you’ll always be lonely when you’re at the top” ….how much lonelier can it get?

I reckon you’ll like the Swing sessions, if you’re here.

Miss you, xoxo.

p/s: if telepathic exists and can kill, the postmen would be dead by now.