19.08.2015 : My Day Went Like This Today …


I passed a test!!! Without knowing it was a test for me.

I toughen up my imaginary balls, thicken my skin, and prepared to face the wrath but resolved the issue. No wrath (thank goodness for that) and issue resolved, professionally. Aren’t you proud of me?

For the record, it was someone else’s mistake that I felt the need to rectify.

August is coming to an end. So is this month’s hectic, crazy work schedule. I’m praying that September will be easy on me – I really need some time off to clear the voices in my head. My last huge assignment for the month is on Friday – some ‘premier’ awards show. My workmate and I planned to visit the new Zouk after work – yes, that annoying party place that doesn’t impose cover charge on “tourists”. They moved to a new establishment down the road and Friday is somewhat their opening/launching night.

My brain tells me that I should get out of the house and mingle; my heart says it’s too weary to meet unfamiliar faces; my smile, she says “fuck off”.

I wish you were here. To kick me out of my pathetic, self-loathing zone.

I wish you were here. Parties will be a lot more fun and hilarious in a place where everything is superficial.

I just wish you were here.

My birthday is coming soon too. Do you remember the shit I gave you for not remembering the date? You promised a postcard/birthday card; I’ll be waiting.

…ANYWAY, I bet life’s rad for you – to do things you want to do, so freely.

Yours Truly, xoxo.

Every moment feels so low when you’ve known high