10.08.2015 : My Day Went Like This Today…

Hey there,

I would asked how are you and how’s your day; but I’m so furious and embarrassed that I want tell you my day first.

My day (rather, night) went like this today….. FUCKED UP. I did my best with the worst given, and the outcome was surprisingly alright. Yet due to arrogance and ignorance and terrible foresights, the night was appalling.

There were two event organisers for an event.

There were two agencies handling PR for an event.

There were two/multiple groups of “media” for an event – until tonight, I did not know that photographers hired by the organisers are the media.

Seating plans were late by an hour, and it wasn’t even accurate.

My night consisted of confrontation, helpless smile, queasiness, holding back tears and apologies. A lot of apologies. For something that is beyond my control.

…. I can go on and on and on, but it’s pointless now.

You know, I can use a tight hug, a good bite and a good massage. That awesome vegetable pasta definitely will help. Perhaps a mug of Starbucks Hot Chocolate too. I can also use a team mate to stand by me and agreed “o what a bitch/douche/jerk” . But most importantly, I may need a different perspective to help me feel better. A different perspective that doesn’t demand me to “chill”, but to dissect the elements. A perspective that knows I don’t, I won’t and I can’t chill 80% of the time.

I wish we could just cuddle and drift into a better dream.

Oh well, there’s no stars tonight to wish upon.

Anyway, how’s your day? I hope it is a lot smoother, more interesting and less human beings than mine.

Yours Truly, xoxo.