08.08.2015 : My Day Went Like This Today…

Hey you,

It has been one long week. No, I’m not counting the days that you’ve been gone.

Today, I attended an interview (early on a Saturday morning) for a weekend job. I figured I need to occupy myself, more so ever, to get my mind off anything and everything. Not trying to sound cocky, but I think I’ll get the job. After all, it’s a no-brainer job and I need not hold conversations or make small talks to anyone.

I spent the rest of my day catching up on sleep – on the couch in the TV room that I once fell asleep while you watched a boring film – and watching episodes of a slow, long-winded Chinese drama. It reminded me of your first experience ‘watching’ a Chinese episode; the facial expression, the body language, the tone, and the music and sound effects.

The grocery place stored up my favourite beers!! I was tempted, but there’s no more fun in drinking alone.

Oh! I also watched a YouTube video today about “what women see when they look into the mirror”. Some saw the people they adore; some saw their own transformation. Mostly positive but I wonder if that’s true. For me, I always see myself within the first 10 seconds, and then I saw all the physical flaws followed by the “not enough’s” and lastly a failure.

It’s been an uninteresting, wasteful day. The only bliss was I didn’t have to interact much. Well, except with the dog because he was barking furiously in the evening when it rains. He misses your massages too, I bet.

This week was a crazy combination of emotions – crazy, snippy, frustrating, lonely, and numb. Remember that Ed Sheeran’s song about photographs? I don’t think I like it as much anymore.

Work is getting a lot busier this month – I have approximately 3 + 1 events to work on (going in to work tomorrow, on a Sunday). I left work late nowadays; locked up the office and drove home alone on most nights. It definitely felt safer and more fun when you were waiting around. I’ll be traveling north for work next week – wish me luck, please.

I miss going out dancing on Saturday nights =[

Yours Truly.