As I sat at my work desk…

I think I’m terminally ill.

It’s called wanderlust. Symptoms include –

  • Constant feeling of Déjà vu
  • Randomly associating faces with places
  • Taste of bittersweet crashes in when looking at photos of past adventures
  • Work no longer excite a workaholic
  • Frequently rethinking of the short future – where am I heading; what am I becoming; how will life turn out; why am I here and etc
  • Frequent airlines websites for cheap airfare and holiday packages. Hang around at the checkout and then click the X on the top right because…you don’t have off days from work and you need to save
  • SAVE like crazy
  • Self-doubting your career choice – you die for a job that supports your ideal long term travelling lifestyle
  • Desolated among a sea of people, in the most familiar place called ‘home’
  • On-and-off, loneliness will swallow you up – you have stories to tell but no listeners; you want to listen to more adventurous stories but no storyteller
  • Small talks bore you
  • Vivid dreams of the places you’ve been and yet to, of the faces you’ve seen and get to know
  • …and then waking up with disappointment
  • Unsatisfied with your current life (you masked it but deep down, you know this isn’t working)
  • Frequent travel blogs, envy and then reprimand yourself for not scoring a sick life like that
  • Daily routine and the whatnots suffocate you
  • ……. and many more.

How do you recover from it? I don’t know. Avoiding travelling photos, sites, and quotes perhaps. Avoid social media whenever possible – your friends from everywhere in the world is embarking on new journeys somewhere in the world.

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.