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This is written –

In between 16th and 17th of May, 2014

In between high and low

In between laughter and tears

In between free falling and grounded

In between overwhelmed and thirst


Any noise. Is better than silence.

Any sight. Is better than emptiness.

Any pricks. Is better than numbed.

Any emotions. Is better than emotionless.

Anything. Is better than nothing.


Any second of happiness. Triumphs a minute of sorrow.

Any step of unknown. Beats hundred planned goals.

Any unfamiliar smiles. Wins every other familiar stories.

But never mine. Never me.

Never mind.


You know you love a place. When it hurts to leave.

You know you love a moment. When it hurts to end.

You know you love a person. When it hurts –

when it simply hurts.