Bye, for now.

It was midweek – the toughest day to pass through in a week. While everyone else back home worked through the week, I was happily soaking in the limited sunshine, abundance salty breeze and the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious view.IMG_5219


The journey to Green Island was short and sweet, unlike the first trip when waters was rough as hell. IMG_5231

I finally went on the glass bottom boat (!) and saw turtles, and all the other colourful fishes that I clearly do not remember the names. And corals, of course. Looking from atop metres thick glass, the thrill wasn’t as strong as when you get to dive in and experience them with all your senses. Glass Bottom Boat

The colours of the corals and fishes are more vivid under water.

The different touch of the corals would excite not just the rookie but everyone else.

The playful fishes swimming in between you.

The calmness that you hear when you’re metres down.

The taste of their magical world, sweet and salty.

The stinging as the seawater gets into your eyes.

Everything else seems incomparable now.

So a tour trip usually includes return transfers from mainland to the island, a choice between snorkelling or glass bottom boat (and you just need to pay a little extra if you’d wish to do both – which I did), and heaps of swimming and sunbathing. IF there’s enough of those goddamn beautiful sun.

I supposed Green Island is perfect for a lazy day too, apart from catering to people who has never been on reef islands. Maybe it was the dull weather, all I wanted to do was sleep. And get rid of the mozzie itch!


At the end of the trip, I brought back some soil, sands and salt from the Tropical North Queensland and the reef.

I left behind a little something too. A little part of me lingers between the mountains and valleys, above and beneath the waters. And even just with the friendly but unfamiliar faces – the ice-cream lady from Budapest, the random dinner trio next table from Hong Kong, the multi-cultured family of three from the island…and etc.

This isn’t our last goodbye yet ❤

Converse at Esplanade