The idea of it as my second home is becoming on me. I suppose the thrill kicks in the same way.

The old men trip has been easy and hilarious. No need for itinerary – perfect for a busy host like me. All the random conversations and comments, regardless of the gender, generation, and relationship.

One night while walking out from a dodgy store, the guys were comparing females with some typical metaphor that I can’t recall.
“Well then, men are like Durians – tough and thorny on the outside; yellow (Asian’s jargon for pervasive), soft, gluey and smelly on the inside,” I said.

I have no idea how I came up with that in split seconds.

On another night, they were commenting on how dull my life would have been if they had not visited. I agreed.

“You’re young. You’re beautiful. You’re in a place where nobody knows you. Go have fun; and when time’s up, leave knowing that you had a fantastic time.”

I secretly agreed again. Almost heed it, except I have my silly set of principles and standards.

During dinners when they were talking about their winnings and losses, they turned their attention to my ‘availability’ at such age.

Dad said “I’m very open-minded, as long as he is a good person and can take care of you and the family.” (Pretty random, seeing that my parents and I had never talk about boys/partners until recent years – I must be getting very old now).

“And don’t get one from there,” they added jokingly.

I looked at them, and wondered if they were telling me to not look for someone like them – ’cause I recently realise that has always been in my subconscious. *pfft*

‘You can’t afford me’ has been reiterated lately. But instead of feeling ashamed saying that, I am weirdly proud.

I mean 2 sets of opposite-ends parenting: best of both worlds. Tell me honestly, who can maintain that?

Last but definitely not least, dad gave me a half an hour talk in there. Like sitting on one of the closed tables. Best talk ever.

One more thing, I don’t blame people for unable to tell apart the Asian faces. Even I am now thinking everyone looks the same (!) Asian failure.

Boredly signing off.

p/s: just because I’m with older man doesn’t mean I’m the trophy wife. I’m the DAUGHTER! Pfft…. But weirdly (and wrongly)glad that I could make a good trophy wife.