Cambodia Experience : The Arrival

Day 1 – 7th Dec 2013

The starts of my first ever AirAsia flight + first experience touring alone = nerve wrecking.

No thanks to the airline.
AirAsia shoved me a complimentary stress before my departure – the disorganised counters and terminals at LCCT and delayed flights.

Upon arriving, I met up with my tuk tuk driver who had unfortunately waited for as long as I was delayed. He was nice – smiling and helpful.

“You mustn’t hold your phone or camera like that (pointing at my phone as I held it out invitingly while snapping photos), people can take it. You must be careful of your bag, especially small purses,” he said while tucking my huge backpack neatly.

The sun set pretty early for a country in South East Asia. Little under 6pm and the sun had almost done setting.

Coming from Malaysia, Phnom Penh doesn’t look so foreign at all. Except she has got more reckless motorcycles on the streets than on Penang Island. If crossing the roads in Penang was a nuisance to me, crossing the roads in Phnom Penh is a nightmare!! I swear there were a few times I was going to grab and hold on to my guide’s and travel mates’ hands. The cyclist comes from all directions. There were no dividers nor indications, and I don’t think the drivers give a rat-ass about the crossing lights.

She still has food stalls popping up by the streets and in front of schools and commercial buildings – and boy do they always smell so delicious. My stomach grumbles silently every time our tuk tuk passed by.

She has bright neon lights and loud noises even after 10pm. She has bumpy roads and oblivious pedestrians shouting at the top of their lungs. And when my tuk tuk stops for the lights, little children would come to the side and asked for money.

She speaks a language I could not understand. A language I do not find appealing, to be honest. So harsh, sharp and fast; I sometimes wonder if these people are talking or arguing.

Nonetheless, she is welcoming. The little children walking next to you or in the vehicle next to you is always waving ‘hellos’.

Needless to say, I survived day 1.

Yours Truly

P/s: I would like to show photos but I am stuck only with an iPhone =[