Simply irresistible

Can one exceed perfection?

Yes – My more-than-decade-long crush.

Intelligent. Talented. Sweet. Creative. Kind hearted. Smart. Resourceful. Adventurous. Driven. Strong-willed. Nice guy. Warm. Approachable. Family oriented. Sensible.

A genius who gets all his bearings right.

An urbanite who has the brain, the looks, and the body *uh-huh*

Perfection means having the beautiful imperfections. He, dear stranger, has no imperfections at all. T’was as if his maker has put all sugar, spice and everything nice into the mould when creating him.

Simply irresistible. 

That’s right. He sets the bar so high, that I’d hold my forever-alone status against him.

You know the feeling: the pungent pang you had when the person you’ve adores for centuries finally announced that he is attached. With someone else. And then you have to smile and be happy because that’s the only logical thing to do; and wish him forever well and blissful.

Yes, that feeling. Sums up my week and the rest of the year.

I wish, upon a star, that he would live an irresistibly happy ever after fairytale.

Prompted by <Daily Prompt: Simple Irresistible>