Girl on fire


She always find it amusing when people tell her that she is full of confidence. That she is always so driven.

Little do they know, that this isn’t confidence. This, my friend, is a show.

It’s an act: that if she is deem invincible she might be invincible; that if she puts up the walls no one could break through; that if she pretends like it would work out then maybe someday, it will.

But they don’t know. For if they had known, they would tear her apart and eat her alive. Like hungry vultures.

She doesn’t know if she touches any hearts. She doesn’t care. All she knew was – to keep going.

So she keeps on driving. And she continue to kill. Not because of the confidence of knowing what she wants, but just because it is the only way of surviving.

She isn’t the girl on fire. She is just a girl, trying to survive out here.

Prompted by <Daily Prompt: I Have Confidence in Me>NaBloPoMo