The Time Traveller

…it just has to be.

Being the dorky yet adventurous girl at heart, nothing sounds more interesting that travelling through time.


Bonjour étranger

Would you come away with me?

Walk all the winding roads and sail every sea;

Trek the forests and stroll the alleys.

We could jump off the cliffs at the end of the world,

or fly the sky of uncertainties till we’d hurled.

Would you come away with me?

We shall bath in the times of the Golden Era – 

join the protests on the road of France;

fall in love with the chivalrous casanova;

then night after night of masquerades we shall dance.

Spectators of the wars of ancient gods;

Lovers of the mythical monsters;

Hostages of poverty and slavery.

Would you come away with me?

We shall sip coffee, overlooking Eiffel Tower;

leave footprints on the trek to the top of Everest Mountain;

roll on Bahama Beach;

soak in the glory of ancient knowledge in Egypt.

The world is no longer round, no longer one dimension.

So stranger,

Would you come away with me?


P/s: And after all, I already speak 5 and half languages and work as an international liaison. I’m already a superwoman in progress *wink wink*

Prompted by <Daily Prompt: A Bird, a Plan, You!>NaBloPoMo