Wicked Witch

Hansel and Gretel. Snow White. Rapunzel. Sleeping Beauty.

Those came into my mind when one mentions witch to me – especially Hansel and Gretel (due to some hilarious association at work).

Brother Grimm folklores always, and seems to only, suggest that witches  are women (except the Pied Piper); hence women are evil.

Women are made of wrath, envy, greed, lust, gluttony, and pride.


Yes, I do agree to a certain extent that females are a lot more troublesome in comparison with their male counterparts. They need extra attention and extreme care when handling.

But. Is it fair to only equate wicked with witches (females)? What about wizard and warlock? Are they not egoistic and greedy? Do they not lust?

In fact, to even associate evil and witches – in my opinion, doesn’t do justice. Undeniably, we grew up having told to that witches are evil. And ugly I never get why witches have to be an ugly illustration Yet, has anyone stop to think that perhaps there’s more to an ugly woman than a wicked heart?

For all you know, the witch you hated yet feared so much has another face behind the one you see. There may be a damsel in distress, trapped deep down. And if only you could stop judging and perhaps lend a hand –

the maiden might just be saved.

And the world could have been a better place.

Hence, dear strangers, I honestly think that the 7 ‘deadly’ sins aren’t the deadliest. The Deadliest Sin ought to be the judgemental mind.

Because when you are judging, you are cancelling the slightest chance to save the distressed soul your naked eyes could not see.

And sadly, our society (or at least the world around me) is increasingly dogmatic as the days passed.

….Oh, and stupidity is the second evil. It leads to the other.

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