Congratulations! You’re 1 of the top 5

…in my Bad Books.

To say I’m angry is an understatement. Simply because anger wouldn’t help with anything..

Wrath, on the other hand, creates havocs. 

My previous post about being nice and thinking from at least two or multiple sides to a story? Fuck that.

Fuck logic.

I have tried to be nice and considerate, even when I realistically have no obligations to do so. I didn’t want to be low, but you – my friend, you’ve just owned a whole new level of lowness.

A piece of advice: if you want to be a douche-bag and frighten the gullible ones, please at least tick off the smart-ass box.

  1. Get your friend to spell check your refusal message; or
  2. Get a legitimate “representative” who can actually spell his client’s name right and get his background information right, not to mention having punctuations in the correct places; and
  3. Has the professionalism and courtesy to sign off with his name and organisation; or
  4. Use the appropriate terms because in the first place, you have no human rights at all to REFUSE paying your own bloody debt; or

You know what, better yet, issue me an official lawyer letter and not a text message from an unknown number; then we bring this to a higher authority.

I don’t care if you have any ‘circumstances unforeseeable’ – who doesn’t in this big big world, child – but paying back your debt is definitely NOT an unforeseeable circumstances. Tell that to the money lender or bank or even the tax department, say you have ‘circumstances unforeseeable’ and therefore refusing to pay the requested amount.

The money lender will rape your sisters.

The bank would take away whatever left that you owned.

The tax department? Pfft, Welcome to Bankruptcy.

So DON’T TALK TO ME ABOUT UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES. Even if you have a knocked out…blame it on your idiocy.

If you have at least come to me as a friend and be courteous and implore, I might have soften down and guilt tripped into. Boy, you really really really should have known me better.

So fuck logic.

I have been as nice and good as I can be for the past two years. You ruin it. Now I won’t be getting Christmas present from Santa But when you’re dealing with a low life, you bring the long-caged, furious bitch out.

Haven’t you learn never to mess with girls?

So say hello to the old bitch you just unleashed.

…and FYI, I’m not longer ‘requesting’. I will be officially ‘demanding’ for my rightfully owned.

p/s: The only thing I’m giving you credit, is the fact that you are the only person that could make me trembled from within with fury. Twice.