More than just two sides

Bonjour étranger

As if my week has not been terrible enough, I had to come across a posting that somehow, stupidly add another item to my list of troubles.

Basically, the post describe of a balls-less baby boy whom is pestering the former girlfriend for money – the amount equivalent to half the camera that they had shared. Bad move, to start with. There are photos of their previous conversations posted, as well as the girl’s side of story. <You Only Worth RM900>

Here comes the critical thinking part.

As much as I’d like to rock up in front of the boy’s door step and kick his non-existing testicles, I halted.

Maybe there was another side of the story.

What if the money is really a life-and-death matter to the boy? After all, that’s his hard earned and rightfully owned money, as he said.

I’m sure when they were together the boy would have lavished on the girl, and therefore he thought – at the very least to get back half of what is left of the relationship?

It might not be a huge amount to the rest of the readers. It might seems ungenerous and calculative, especially for a guy to ask for payback. But who are we to say anything, without understanding the multiple sides of story?

In fact, who are we to judge at all even if we DO know of whole story?

Yes, maybe his fault lies with his limited written expression – the choice of words, the tone of his messages, the structural and grammatical errors, and the very inappropriate smiley emoticons.

It’s not just black or white, right or wrong. There may be the grey areas that weren’t disclosed.

How it adds to my list-of-troubles?

Because I might either be the

  1. mean and inconsiderate, crazy girl who may have been a bit of a sore loser; or
  2. the weak and gullible girl who has to just suck it up and take the blow.


I was about to send out a message. A ‘rightfully’ message (honestly, how do we claim anything at all to be rightfully?) And then I came across the posting. 

Is this a sign? That I should not continue persisting? I don’t want to come across a posting in the short future saying that I’m only worth 4 – 5 grands *sad face*



Yours Truly