What’s the occasion?

Do we really need an occasion for a celebration?

Must we have justification to go out party silly?

Are we only allow to make merry for specific festivities?

Can we not throw feasts, dine and wine like the old kings without reason?

There’s 365 days a year, even my idle mind couldn’t come up with 365 reasons/occasions. My best friend’s engagement, my high schoolmate’s wedding, the end of semester, graduations, promotion, demotion (!!), my grandparents 60th anniversary, my mom remarried, my aunt’s daughter’s friend is on Playboy magazine, my sister gets a boyfriend, someone’s someone’s someone won the lottery, I’m-going-away-for-a-month farewell, she’s-going-away-for-awhile farewell, passing exams, my cousin obtains his driver’s license, my ex broke up with the bitch I hated, the jerk who broke my heart got his heart broken, my crush A notices me finally, and then crush B talks to me, followed by crush C asking me out, funeral, ……..

Seriously…it’s exhausting to come up with ‘occasions’ to just paint the town red. Can’t we just go out and have fun and be silly – simply because we are still young and we can?

If I could, I would go to parties and occasionally fancy places myself. But these are the things that you need your closest group of friends to do with – otherwise it’s just plain depressing.

This is when you and everyone else tell me ‘ maybe you need new, different group of friends’.

Life should be exciting, with things happening when you least expect. Routine subsidise the fun from the life equation.

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal. – Paulo Coelho