Brisbane Riverfire 2013

20130928-201426.jpgBagged a good spot just opposite crowded SouthBank. Sunset always make the world a much prettier place.
20130928-201444.jpgLooking like flies from afar. Very mischievous pilots we have for the evening – they hover on top of the passing ferries for a little while there 😛
20130928-201547.jpgStill very disappointed with the new Superhornet, even though the ring light thingy was awesome. I still miss the old F1-11 with the dump ‘n’ burn
20130928-201758.jpgEven people in the photo looks better during sunset.

20 minutes of colourful, brightly lit up night sky; and then it all goes back to darkness. As if nothing had happened.

…Except the smoke and the sardined pedestrian path.