Title #1

I stay wide awake hoping that the next day won’t come I can’t fall asleep with the noises in my head, drowning I don’t want to wake up cuz it is just another day I… Continue reading

Do We Really?

They are just kidding when they say love triumphs all. Love is what matter most. Love is all you need. ….and all that love bullshits. Realistically speaking, love isn’t enough to live by on its own. There’s a possibility we… Continue reading

Flat Line

The weatherman is terribly wrong; it is thunderstorm outside. The foggy glass window is the only thing separating the chaos on the streets and the stillness in where she sits. The black coffee… Continue reading


Everyone has bad days, here and there. Everyone feels lazy and put down, once in awhile. Everyone feels suffocated, occasionally. Everyone have more happy days than bad days, usually.   My bad days… Continue reading


She saw the little girl in red, smiling and running into his arms. He picked her up so swiftly, and twirled her around briefly. To the little girl, he’s her clown. She cringed at… Continue reading

It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I last scribbled any nonsense. It takes the fun and joy out of the love when you make it a job. It took me two minutes and several “deletes”… Continue reading

My Wee Hour Rant

This is the one all-nighter that I loathe to pull. Spaced out. Silence. Empty. Dark. Forget the cliches of “do what you love and love what you do” – they took [almost] every ounce of… Continue reading

…Since we last spoke.

Hey Deborah, It’s been awhile since we last spoke.  I see that you’re picking up the pieces and patching them back. Again. I see that work is working for you – you devoted… Continue reading


Fuck. … Yea, nothing is coming through except ‘fuck’. No mate, not even the good kind of ‘fuck’…it’s just ‘Dear god I’m fucked’. … The emotion paralysis is real. It’s worse than just… Continue reading

Dear 15-Year Old

Dear 15-year old Deborah, Forget about schools and tuitions and friends – they didn’t last. They remain as Facebook faces, but that’s about it.  Forget about grades – you will never be good… Continue reading